Saturday, February 12, 2011

'I am, how it feels to be me' Art Exhibition - January 2011

Sharon Malpass thought, after watching her daughter express herself through drawing, that it would be a great idea to organise a small Art Exhibition.

Sharon discussed the idea with a group of parents who all had girls on the autism spectrum and then approached the City of Salisbury who were very pleased to be able to support the wonderful exhibition, providing girls living in the north and north eastern suburbs with an opportunity to display their artistic expression.  
Steve Davidson from City of Salisbury preparing the paintings for hanging

This Exhibition, which was very proudly support by the City of Salisbury and sponsored by Rainbowland Autism Services has provided the girls involved with a very important opportunity to showcase their talents and to express who they are through art.  Children with autism don’t often get these special opportunities. Holding events like this is essential for growing confidence and self belief and to provide avenues for individuals to reach their potential in life. The Art Exhibition is also a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about girls on the spectrum, which the community knows very little about. 

On Thursday 27th January, the Art Exhibition official opening was a huge success.  The event was attended by 
  • Kelly Vincent – State Member of the Legislative Council
  • Mark Butler – Federal Member for Port Adelaide
  • Tony Zappia – Federal Member for Makin
  • Frances Bedford – State Member for Florey
  • Betty Gill - Councillor: City of Salisbury
A big congratulations to all the wonderful girls who submitted their art for this amazing and inspiring exhibition. 
Holly-anne, Kristie, Lucy, Jenna, Lily, Zoe, Charlotte, Isobel and Jessica.

This event was very proudly sponsored by Rainbowland Autism

     Holly-anne receiving her certificate

Kristie receiving her certificate

Below you will find all the wonderful art work on display at The Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes (South Australia). 

Holly-anne - aged 7 "The Inner Star"

Holly-anne - aged 7 "The Robot"

Holly-anne - aged 7 "Water"

Kristie - aged 12 "Michael Jackson"

Kristie - aged 12 "Miku"

Kristie - aged 12 "Miku"

Lucy - aged 9 "My Head"

Lucy - aged 9 "This is Me"

Jenna - aged 7 "Happy Land"

Jenna - aged 7 "Holidays"

Lily - aged 8 "I Love My Dog"

Lily - aged 8 "Mosquito"

Zoe - aged 7 "Egyptian"

Zoe - aged 7 "I Love Rainbows"

Charlotte - aged 7 "Favourite Activities"

Charlotte - aged 7 "Home"

Charlotte - aged 7 "Charlotte Playing"

Isobel - aged 7 "Butterfly Friends"
Isobel - aged 7 "The Little Mermaid"

Jessica - aged 7 "Being Happy"
Jessica - aged 7 "Me"

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  1. amazing art work and I love all the quotes underneath - very enlightening. I could really relate to Zoe's symbols - when I was 8 and living in Nepal I created my own script based on Hindi script and I was fascinated by their numbers. I even made my own dictionary :-)

    I went on to study linguistics at university, funnily enough... these interests can go a long way!