Sunday, February 6, 2011

Autism Poem ~ Rainbows in a row By Erik Estabrook

This poem was inspired by the Autism Rainbow Day - Global Awareness Campaign

I am lucky

I see rainbows,
you are lucky to have seen one
Autism Rainbow Day - Friday 1st April 2011
but'  I see rainbows in a row
this one has a pattern that shines magenta bright,
the next one has colors lemon yellow,
they shine for understanding,
they shine for love
they shine with a glow that brightens over the sun
what's extra special is these rainbows can care
they just need you to learn
 listen and be aware
we are shining brightly because one may always show,
just open your heart
feel your spark,
and let your rainbow glow!

by Erik Estabrook

Erik Estabrook
Erik Estabrook biography (published on

Erik Estabrook is autistic and a young aspiring poet that writes for purity, purity of expression and the value of life. He is joyful about the fact that he has an international audience and isn’t just writing to himself. His best expressions are yet to come, even after being published over 60 times, and having authored 5 published poetry books.

Erik Estabrook, Poet & contributing writer Naturally Autistic International online newsletter

Erik wants to add a beautiful touch to the world, poetry is his way of fixing the planets’ problems. He enjoys community advocacy and volunteering. Writing has provided a window to his own soul and increased his relationship with God.  In the future with his writing he hopes to touch lives and increase autism awareness.
Erik is self-taught and not afraid to try any poetry form.  He had found the cinquain and villanelle to be 2 of his favorite forms.  In his words, “They allow an entirely new perspective and should be respected because they make poetry even more diverse.  When you get one right there’s no feeling like it. Getting one right to me means you add your way to the form.”
When asked what he enjoys most he says, “… a peaceful life with my family and volunteering brings me peace of mind with time to help others.”

You can learn more about Erik Estabrook by visiting his website at:

You can read about Erik’s journey as a young emerging and very talented poet in the Premiere Issue of Naturally Autistic magazine – Fall

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