Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Autism Rainbow Day..... Friday 30th April 2010

On Friday 30th April 2010, Rainbowland Autism Services Inc. will be hosting its inaugural AUTISM RAINBOW DAY as part of its global autism awareness campaign.

On Autism Rainbow Day, we are urging businesses, schools and social groups from all over the world to help raise awareness (not money) for autism by wearing different colored T-Shirts that represent the colors of the rainbow. A one page information sheet will be available for download on our website in April 2010. We ask that in lieu of donations, people simply read the information sheet. (There will be a facility to make donations on our website for those people who would like to make a contribution towards future awareness campaigns, or you could raise money for your local autism group.)

At Rainbowland Autism Services, we believe that the lives of individuals living with autism should be respected and celebrated by the entire community. Without the amazing gifts that autistic people give to the world, we would not have the same level of innovation and creativity we have today. People with autism deserve the respect and support of their communities to help them achieve their potential, and where possible, live meaningful and independent lives.

We also feel strongly about the lack of support and essential services many people living with autism and their families experience on a daily basis. Parents and carers are more times than not pushed to the limits trying to manage the medical complications that can present in their child with autism. All too many carers are so badly sleep deprived that it is equivalent to torture, while at the same time living lives of social isolation because the general public are quick to judge a child with autism’s perceived ‘bad’ behavior because they understand nothing or very little about the condition.

With some recent studies suggesting that as many as 1 in 64 have autism and others using figures like 1 in 160, the situation is clear….. something has to be done NOW. Much work MUST be done to help young people with autism reach their potential, autistic adults have meaningful lives that are not in isolation from the community and to help families cope with the often extreme demands that having a child with autism places on them, through no fault of the child.

As the parent of three children on the autism spectrum, I am clear in my mind about this...... The parents/carers of children with autism love their children unconditionally, and for who they are regardless of the daily challenges. People with autism don’t want to be cured, but want to be accepted and recognized by the community at large for their individual gifts, talents and the contributions they could and do make to society. The parents/carers are left to resolve the medical problems associated with autism, when their plight should be supported by much better public services, which includes medical professionals who can recognize and appropriately TREAT the adverse medical symptoms of autism in a child. And lastly….. every child with autism deserves the human right to an appropriate education.

With the right amount of autism awareness, we can start turning the current situation around. So, we need your help to make Autism Rainbow Day a global success. Help us by spreading the word, and getting prepared to participate on Autism Rainbow Day.


Allison Dix
Rainbowland Autism Services Inc.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010