Sunday, May 23, 2010

VOTE 4 AUTISM in 2010


Rainbowland Autism Services and Autism Advisory Support Services have teamed up to start a facebook cause Vote 4 Autism.

AUSTRALIAN'S DESERVE IMMEDIATE ACTION FOR AUTISM!! We will be letting the major polical parties know how important the 'autism vote' is and how many people are affected by their decisions in this area. It is far reaching... not just the person themselves, but their parents, friends, relatives, therapists, health professionals, teachers, etc, etc.

You can help by joining the Facebook Cause or writing to your local member of Parliament.

Our children are worth investing in so that they have a chance at becoming a contributing member of society. With the current skills shortages and the situation worsening over time, it IS ESSENTIAL the Australian Government invest in autism or there will be generations of neglected people out of work and depedent on the Government to survive. Australia's economy can't afford for this to happen.

The main issue we will be focussing on is education. With funding for early intervention now in place and we applaud the Federal Government for this wonderful initiative, it is essential we focus on continuing support for our children. We believe that much of the early intervention funding could be wasted long term if support for children with ASD isn't provided throughout a child's school years. Children are making great progress with early intervention, only to regress when they get to school because the required support is not available. With recent studies from Melbourne's LaTrobe University stating that 1 in 100 children having an autism spectrum disorder, it is essential this education crisis is made a national priority. This is a very sad situation where way too many children are being denied the human right to an appropriate education. Our teachers also deserve much more support and education in this area.

We invite you to join the VOTE 4 AUTSIM Facebook cause and contribute your thoughts on this issue under the discussion topic (link found on right side of cause page) on the cause page.

This cause is run by Rainbowland Autism Services Inc. (RAS) & Autism Advisory Support Service (AASS)

Allison Dix, Director of Rainbowland Autism Services Inc.
Grace Fava, Director of Autism Advisory Support Services

Autism Rainbow Day 2010

Autism Rainbow Day 2010 was a great success. With 15,000 global members on our Facebook Cause 'Autism Rainbow Day - Global Awareness Campaign' 'Autism Rainbow Day - Global Awareness Campaign' thousands of people celebrated the day from all over the world.

We were very busy on the day visiting local supporters. We attended the Oasis Community Childcare Centre, The Office of Tony Zappia MP (Federal Member for Makin), The City of Tea Tree Gully and Modbury Hospital.

We wish to thank everyone who celebrated the day and helped spread the word about autsim awareness.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Our New Website

Just before Autism Rainbow Day on Friday 30th April 2010, we launched our new website. Our website address is Please pay us a visit.